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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Where to start

Step 1. Book a free 15min online Discovery Appointment

This is a chance for you to meet me, to ask any questions you might have and find out if Naturopathy is right for you (or, if you’re super keen - skip to step 2).

Step 2. Book an Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation, I will spend an hour collecting all the information, I will need to develop your treatment plan. We will go through what’s bothering you right now but also do a review of all your body systems- gut health, periods, sleep, mental health, diet, previous test results - you name it. We will also set some goals for your treatment. We will do this together so that we are both working towards the same thing. I may prescribe some products at this appointment if they are called for, or I may wait until the treatment plan appointment.

Step 3. Treatment Plan Consultation

This consultation is within 1-2 weeks after your initial. I will take all the info we have collected and write up our plan of action. This plan will be based on your goals for treatment and will include a naturopathic prescription as well as dietary and lifestyle advice. If applicable, this is where I will outline any testing, I think may be necessary too.

Step 4. Repeat Consultations

After the treatment plan consult we will catch up, in most cases, once a month for a 30min repeat consultation. This is where we will review how the treatment plan is going and make changes as needed. We will continue checking in, chipping away at your treatment plan, until you are feeling better.

Naturopathic Prescriptions & Supplements

I use a prescription service called which has access to a wide range of practitioner-only supplements. After our initial consultation, you will receive an email from with a link to set up a personal account with them. Follow the prompts to set this up and once completed your will have access to your prescription where you can view the products and pricing. Then, when you are ready, order and have them sent directly to your door within a few business days.

Make an Appointment

“If you’re considering whether to book an appointment with Jess, do yourself a favour and book as soon as possible. Jess has helped me so much over the years with depression, anxiety, energy, hormone imbalances and burnout. She is a perfect example of how holistic and natural healthcare should be done. With a high level of respect for each of her patients and their backgrounds, Jess can fully understand where someone is at and develop a personalised treatment plan to target the underlying issues. She is knowledgeable and practical, but also deeply caring and empathetic. Jess truly cares about each of her patients and what they need to feel better.”

- Kristin