Don't Panic

Panic attacks are sudden and frightening

Panic attacks are a sudden and overwhelming experience of anxiety and fear. They can be an abrupt escalation of pre-existing anxiety or can seemingly arise out of the blue.

Brace yourself!

By Dr Lyn O’Grady MAPS

Difficult days, challenging conversations and awkward situations can be neutralised with these simple psychological tips, according to Dr Lyn O’Grady.


Your field guide to insomnia

Getting a good night of sleep can seem like the most effortless and natural thing in the world, but when we can’t fall asleep it can quickly feel elusive and frustrating. There are a few techniques we can use to help us fall asleep, and some things we should always practise before we go to bed to give ourselves the best chance of being able to drop off easily.

Junkfood Packaging


Marketing messages hijack the same brain processes as drug and alcohol addiction Food is important for our survival, which is why all living beings have developed an urge for high energy foods, like those high in sugar and fat. Historically, this hadn’t been an issue, as energy dense foods weren’t always as available as they are today.

Ten Minutes

“Oh wow, we have the same birthday” I said gently, sitting cross legged on the floor opposite a woman of my exact age, her name was Kaliti. She smiled weakly. She had been pleased to see me but there was an unbelievable sadness to her that made me want to talk softly and slowly so as not to break her.